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Criminal Defense in Rhode Island| Domestic Violence | Drug Crimes| Domestic Crimes


Attorney Melissa Larsen's trial skills enable her to offer aggressive representation for all types of criminal cases.  Attorney Larsen is a true litigator. In every case, she strives towards an acquittal, dismissal, or reduction of charges.  Attorney Larsen believes that her clients are best served through personal attention and dedication.  Attorney Larsen will aggressively handle your case with professionalism, skill, and passion.

Attorney Larsen has represented hundreds of people charged in State and Federal court with offenses such as: Driving Under the Influence (DUI or DWI), Refusal to take a Chemical Breathalyzer Test, Reckless Driving, Driving on a Suspended License, Juvenile Defense, Domestic Violence, Violation of No Contact Orders, Driving to Endanger Death Resulting, Marijuana Possession, Marijuana Cultivation, Marijuana Sales, Narcotics Offenses, Assault and Battery, Child Endangerment, Child Molestation, Child Pornography, Cyber Crime, Disorderly Conduct, Embezzlement, RICO, Expungement & Sealing of Criminal Records, Extradition, Felony Assault, Fraud, Larceny, Hit and Run, Lewd Conduct, Kidnapping, Manslaughter, Murder, Post-Conviction Relief, Rape, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Statutory Rape, Tax Evasion, Tax Fraud and the cancellation of outstanding warrants.  If you are seeking an expungement or sealing of your criminal record, Attorney Larsen can help you get criminal convictions permanently eradicated from your record.

Attorney Larsen will keep you informed every step of the way.  She will discuss all developments with your case and will work hand and hand with you to devise a customized defense strategy that makes sense and achieves the most desirable outcome.  You will continuously be provided with honest, well thought out advice.

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Attorney Larsen handles all types of Criminal, Family Law, and Personal Injury cases. Attorney Larsen will help you successfully navigate your case.

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Melissa Larsen is prepared to answer your questions regarding DUI/Chemical Test Refusals, Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Personal Injury cases in all four Rhode Island counties. Attorney Larsen is eager to discuss your case, contact her today for a free consultation.