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Driving Under the Influence of an Intoxicating Liquor or Drug (DUI or DWI) is one the most common criminal charges faced by members of our community. Likewise, refusal to submit to the chemical breathalyzer test is one of the most common civil violations handled at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.  Dealing with a DUI and/or a chemical test refusal charge is a serious matter filled with stress, uncertainty, and confusion.

Law enforcement in Rhode Island takes DUI and refusal offenses very seriously. Not only are officials eager in their attempts to catch drunk drivers, but the justice system provides harsh penalties, including a long loss of license or even jail time for those convicted.

Attorney Larsen understands that these mandatory penalties, especially a loss of license, creates a substantial hardship in one's life.  Without a license, you are unable to go to work, run errands, and take care of your loved ones.

Magistrates at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal routinely issue a preliminary suspension of your license at an arraignment for failure to submit to a chemical breathalyzer test.  Attorney Larsen will review available police reports prior to the initial appearance at the Traffic Tribunal for mistakes made by law enforcement and will argue against the preliminary suspension.

Attorney Larsen can advise you regarding the Hardship License provision which requires the installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.  When installed in your vehicle, an interlock ignition device will enable you to drive during the period of your suspension.  In fact, in certain instances, the Court requires convicted individuals to install an interlock ignition device in their vehicle and blow into it prior to driving their vehicle.

No matter what the circumstances, whether there was an accident or you were pulled over for a minor traffic violation and later charged with DUI and/or refusal to submit to the breathalyzer test, Attorney Larsen is available to assist you in fighting the charges or minimizing the impact on your life related to a DUI conviction.  Attorney Larsen has handled hundreds of DUIs and Refusal cases and knows exactly how to help you.

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