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Donna Clements

Donna Clements, Paralegal

Donna Clements is a paralegal with 16 years of experience and a diverse background in the legal field. After completing the Paralegal Certification program at Boston University, she joined the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office, working in the juvenile, elder abuse, family law, and criminal trial calendar offices from 2007 - 2013. More recently, Donna served as a paralegal at Pannone, Lopes, Devereau, and O'Gara, handling criminal, personal injury, and civil litigation cases.

Donna has served as a paralegal for both prosecutors and defense attorney's during her career, Donna's wide array of experience has given her a comprehensive understanding of the Rhode Island court system and a strong skill set to achieve outstanding results. She is a passionate and tenacious paralegal who collaborates seamlessly with both attorneys and clients to support each case. Since working with Attorney Larsen, Donna has worked to build strong relationships with clients to ensure their cases are thoroughly and compassionately handled from start to finish.

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