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Client Testimonials

Kevin Hagan Recommends Melissa Larsen Esq.

Melissa Larsen is a former colleague; however, we still collaborate on many legal matters. Melissa is a tenacious and steadfast advocate for her clients, and she always finishes what she starts. As a former prosecutor, Melissa can navigate Melissa can navigate the courthouse and litigate cases at the trial level. I recommend her for any case that requires a trial lawyer on the front lines, because as we know, there is no substitute for preparation and a desire to prevail.

– Kevin Hagan

Attorney Larsen Is Here for You

Attorney Larsen handles all types of Criminal, Family Law, and Personal Injury cases. Attorney Larsen will help you successfully navigate your case.

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Melissa Larsen is prepared to answer your questions regarding DUI/Chemical Test Refusals, Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Personal Injury cases in all four Rhode Island counties. Attorney Larsen is eager to discuss your case, contact her today for a free consultation.